Now in its twenty-seventh year, aabalone[red] delivers differentiation to investment and wealth management firms – so they can compete more effectively, go to market creatively, and harvest web technologies to service clients and grow their businesses.

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Client Challenges

Wood Creek

An investment manager at the forefront of real assets investing wanted a way to better describe what they do and how they do it, both digitally and in print.


Orchard Global Asset Management

A successful global alternatives asset manager needed a refreshed brand identity and a new, more "with it" website.


Roundtable Investment Partners

A new name in wealth
management sought
to express the originality
of its model while assuring
investors of its caliber.



A “start up” sought to fill the need that existing social media sites lacked – complete control of one’s digital imprint.


Work in Progress

Do you know what's different about your firm? Can your sales team, employees and clients articulate your
"secret sauce"?

We’ve just completed interviewing the management team, external clients, prospects and intermediaries for a private equity firm in Rhode Island. This process – we call it Discovery – is the first step in competitively positioning your firm and developing clear messages for an invigorated brand. This is one secret you want told. Why? Strong brands lead to a more cohesive team, higher prospect conversion ratios, more successful recruiting efforts and better growth.


July 7, 2015 3:53 pm

To A Watch or Not to A Watch — that is the question.

by Gail Wiggin, Ignition Director

Of course, you’re itching to know right out of the gate: did I take the plunge or not? The answer is YES — but only because some earnest and pretty impressive folks on stage at MediaPost’s recent IoT Advertising conference challenged the audience to put skin in the game after discovering how few of us […]


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(203) 655-1920
6 Thorndal Circle, Darien, Connecticut 06820 USA