Now in its 30th year, aabalone[red] delivers differentiation to investment and wealth management firms – so they can compete more effectively, go to market creatively, and harvest web technologies to service clients and grow their businesses.

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Client Challenges

RayLign Advisory LLC

For its 10th anniversary, an advisory firm desired a more celebratory and sophisticated site.


Nautic Partners

With a new fund raise approaching, a private equity firm was concerned that their message and image were diffused and sub-standard.



A “start up” sought to fill the need that existing social media sites lacked – complete control of one’s digital imprint.


Wood Creek

An investment manager at the forefront of real assets investing wanted a way to better describe what they do and how they do it, both digitally and in print.


Orchard Global Asset Management

A successful global alternatives asset manager needed a refreshed brand identity and a new, more "with it" website.


Roundtable Investment Partners

A new name in wealth
management sought
to express the originality
of its model while assuring
investors of its caliber.


Work in Progress

In keeping with our mission for 2017 -- to partner with start-ups, not-for-profits and for-profit firms working with conscience and intention to better the world in some fashion -- it’s been satisfying (and fun) to be engaged outside our category in applying best practices brand building to the world of ecological stewardship.

A market front-runner, Van Dyk Recycling Solutions decided to go the whole nine yards in leveraging perceived strengths that were surfaced during our Discovery: intelligence, innovation, congeniality and high ROI as a recycling solutions provider. So, a bold, flexible branding line was crafted to ground the new positioning and address some of the problems that fresh communications would seek to overcome. Deliverables included a comprehensive print and online advertising campaign designed to deliver meaningful data (made good friends with Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder in the process) and tied to a microsite. As well, redesigned tradeshow displays were produced alongside a comprehensive set of brand guidelines and graphic templates for all elements of the campaign, so as to empower Van Dyk’s in-house marketing team.


August 31, 2015 3:05 pm

Secret Sauce

by Holly Hough, MARKETING CONSULTANT, aabalone[red]

Do you know what’s different about your firm? Can your sales team, employees and clients articulate your
“secret sauce”?

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